Technology is a part of everything we do! Governments, civil societies, businesses and all citizens are extremely dependent on it for various things. At the same time technology is widely considered as a cure to solve global issues of poverty, health & education problems and other development related issues.

If we look deeper into different technology based development interventions it is clear that in spite of a lot of potential benefits, technology has not been able to deliver on its promise so far. Some critics point out that technology is an enabler and it is more important to develop the appropriate enabling environment (social, economic, legal, and political) to realize all the benefits that technology promises. As a result, there are multiple viewpoints and opinions about the role of technology in the development space.

This blog is an attempt to contribute to this discourse to bring to light various viewpoints on the potential role technology can play in the creation of a better, fairer, stronger and safer world. In this blog, I aim to derive by reasoning, judge from evidence or personal experiences the value of technology for promoting socio-economic development in societies. In the process, I hope to better understand and possibly decipher whether the benefits of the technology based development interventions are a hope for the future or is it hype!

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