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Stimulating Demand for Open Data in UK and beyond – A Deloitte Report on OGD landscape in UK

A recent report by Deloitte in collaboration with Open Data Institute elaborates on the promise open data holds and provides a picture of the current open data landscape in UK. The view the report, click here. The report looks at … Continue reading

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K-Monitor – Watchdog for Public Funds in Hungary

Sometime back I got to know about a wonderful initiative, K-Monitor, a watchdog for Public Funds based in Hungary. Founded in 2007, K-Monitor website now contains over 20,000 articles and essential background materials in related topics. K-Monitor’s website “gathers, stores, and makes available online … Continue reading

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Open Government Data – Report on Denmark’s eGovernment Strategy 2011-2015

I got a report titled, “Good Basic Data for Everyone – A Driver for Growth and Efficiency” sent to my inbox last week. The report, published in October 2012, has been written as part of Denmark’s eGoverment Strategy 2011-2015. It … Continue reading

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How to determine if a dataset is sensitive or not?

I came across this excellent article titled, Best practices for sharing sensitive environmental geospatial data, by AMEC Earth and Environmental. It is a relevant article considering that at present there is no consistent and reliable mechanisms to access the political, social, … Continue reading

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DADOS – Launch of the Brazilian Open Government Data Portal

Last week I became aware of the wonderful initiative of the Ministry of Planning, Brazil to start the open government data portal in their country – The launch of the portal aims to Open up government data available using a central … Continue reading

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Circles of Open Government Data

Choosing what data sets to make available using Open Government Data is one of the main questions to consider when initiating an OGD initiative. The government, civil institutions, and social organizations all have limited resources so focusing efforts in the … Continue reading

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Improving Participation in an Open Government Data Initiative?

Ensuring significant public participation is one of the important success factors for an open government data (OGD) initiative. Metcalfe’s law states that the value of a network is proportional to the square of the number of users, therefore, the greater … Continue reading

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