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How IT transformed the Sphere of Crisis Management?

The framework above explains the benefits IT adoption has brought to the domain of crisis management. Crisis management is a multifaceted and complex domain and therefore, it is natural that many organizations are a part of it. In the sphere … Continue reading

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Low Feedback Response Rate: Reasons and Potential Solutions

Currently, I am interning with Ushahidi. It has been an enlightening experience so far. One of the intriguing issues which I came across during a discussion with Sarah George was the low response rate of the feedback forms sent to … Continue reading

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Unity is Strength: The age of collaboration

A look into history points an important fact that whenever there has been a need to fundamentally alter the social, economic, political fabric of the society, people across various stratas of society collaborated (often cooperated) to bring that change. Gandhi’s … Continue reading

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Think before you act!

It is one of the posts I am very pleased to write about because of two reasons. Firstly, in this post I use the Crowdsourcing Critical Success Factor Model (CCSFM) to draw some implications for a specific case of an … Continue reading

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Learning about Ushahidi

I am enjoying the experience of working for Ushahidi these days. My previous knowledge about crowdsourcing and Ushahidi was mostly limited to the research papers and articles. However, with this internship I am sure that I will be able to … Continue reading

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