The Short Version

The Longer Version

I completed my Masters from the Department of Management at London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE) and I am currently working as an Analyst at the Royal Bank of Scotland. I am interested in exploring the role of technology in the creation of a better, fairer and safer world. The use of mobile phones and internet for livelihood promotion, poverty alleviation and crisis management are the domains I am broadly interested in.

I did an internship with Ushahidi in summers of 2010 to suggest recommendations to the Ushahidi Team on the development of an evaluation framework for Ushahidi Crisis Management Platform drawing insights from Haiti Earthquake Relief Response. The research was conducted as part of my Masters dissertation at London School of Economics. At Ushahidi, I also led the formation of an online research network with an aim to provide a forum for shared learning and collaboration. Currently, the network has 180 members varying from practitioners, policy makers, and academics. Currently, I maintain a part of the Ushahidi community website to compile the links to the literature on Ushahidi. The open the list click here.

At LSE, I was a member of the Resident Sustainability Team. The team aimed to improve the environmental and social performance of work activities in LSE.

I have worked for the Institute of Economic Studies (IOES), Haskoli Islands. At IOES, I was working to develop a set of strategic investment recommendations for the Housing Financing Fund in backdrop of Icelandic banking crisis. I have a Bachelor’s in Information Technology from Indian Institute of Information Technology & Managmement (IIITM) and an MBA from the same school. I have four international publication in my name, one of which was published in IEEE. Others were presented in international conferences in Vancouver, Delhi and Indore.

As part of a core course at IIITM, I studied the role and impact of internet in the marketing research practice at ADKiT, Israel. I conducted the Israel part of the research. The research was a part of a broader project studying the role of the internet in the marketing research firms in Singapore, Israel and India.

I have worked as a volunteer in SAWERA, a NGO working for child welfare in Kashmir, India. During my three year association with SAWERA I started a computer training program for the employees aiming to streamline office operations. In consultation with the local education department, I initiated a formal volunteer program to enable SAWERA to have a full time volunteer for IT assistance from local schools.

In my leisure time, I love to travel. This desire to explore has taken me across Scandinavia, Western Europe, North Africa, Middle East and to different parts of India.


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