Other Writings


I write on Kashmir and the important social, political, and security issues facing the region at http://obscurekashmiri.wordpress.com/

Research papers written at London School of Economics:

Crowdsourcing Critical Success Factor Model: Strategies to harness the collective intelligence of the crowd (PDF)

Analyzing virtual democracy: A review of literature on the influence of internet on democracy (PDF)

Evaluating IT enabled Crisis Management Systems – The Case of Haiti Earthquake Relief Response (PDF)

Other publications:

Factors affecting e-tailing website effectiveness: An Indian Perspective (PDF)

Reshaping retail in India: An exploratory study of technology adoption for competitive advantage in the Indian Retail Industry (PDF)

The Impact of Employees’ Customer Orientation and Service Orientation Behaviours on Customers’ Service Evaluation (PDF)

IT in Governance in the 21st Century (PDF)

Journalistic Writings

Outsourcing in Kashmir: Putting Keyboards in the hands of Kashmiri Youth (PDF)

Tagging the SMS – In times of distress (PDF)

What can Kashmir learn from Ushahidi (PDF)

Nestle Creating Shared Value Forum (PDF) – for more information on the forum click here

A drop in the ocean! (PDF) – an article written for the GOI Peace Foundation

Random Musings

Article on Chaordix Blog

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